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"I really liked connecting with a family member. It warmed my heart and made me feel at peace. I also like the interaction with Zokai. She is a easy going person that’s makes it easy to get comfortable and open up. That is rare."


"How you made me feel comfortable like I was talking to a friend. How detailed you are. A lot of ppl say that they don’t believe in spiritual readings but the info you gave me could only gone from those who have transitioned. The small details are on point. You are really out here providing services to ppl and it’s not just about the money with you. I trust you with my energy."


"She's always open and honest with me, she don't sugarcoat shit for me! I overthink and worry too much and I have to begin to look at the lighter side of things"


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  • Group Money Ritual
    Sat, Jun 24
    Virtual Event
    Jun 24, 9:00 PM EDT – Jun 25, 9:00 PM EDT
    Virtual Event
    Add a quick energy infusion into your cashflow!
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