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As we close out the May challenge, here are a few more gems 💎 to help you along the way!!!

Protect children 74:

Stand before each child and read psalms to him or her.

Remember your dreams 96:

But. A white candle by your bedside and recite this psalms before going to sleep. When you wake, you will remember your dreams will be yours.

Forget a past love 57:

Look into a mirror and say the 4th and 5th verses. Demand that the memories and feelings be wiped away from your mind.

Uncross yourself 7,69:

Psalms 7~ put some holy water in a bowl, put several drops of holy oil in the water. Read the psalms 4 times over the water then wash your hands in it. You can also put some on your feet as well.

psalms 69~ use uncrossing oil in yourself and on a purple candle. Burn the candle completely and repeat the procedure on the next full moon. Sit in a tub of water and read this psalms.

Increase Business 115:

Stand by the front door of the business and read the psalm. This will bring in more customers and increase your business.

Find Money 72:

Stand by an open window and read the psalm. Small amounts of money will flow your way!

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