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2 things about me I love love and I love MONEY !!! So Im super excited about June's challenge

I think we all could use an extra infusion of energy in our money affairs. This challenge will be just the thing to boost your influx of money. June 11-18th explore a different money working for 7 days.

Each day get your mind right with either a guided meditation, music, or binaural beats. Vibrate on the best frequency with a mantra for each day to get you prepared for your work.

As an extra boost grab a spot in the group money ritual that will target extra cash flow, being able to save and overall abundance. As a free gift to add a little boom bam pow you will receive a mini money oil & a money drawing bath.

The ritual will be June 24th Last day to register June 18th

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    Welcome Vibe Shifter! Through these challenges we will shift...

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