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The list below are the topic that you can pray using a white candle, your bible and glass of water. (The corresponding psalm will be given when challenge starts)

There are 15 that I have selected(with the * next to it) to give a more specific working for using the corresponding psalm I want to give you all the opportunity to select 15 that you would like the workings for before I open the challenge to the public

Ask for Guidance

Attract Love

Avoid Poverty

* Be Protected

Break a habit

Bring peace into the home

Cause your enemies confusion

Change your luck

Conquer Fear

Develop Self confidence

*Develop your psychic ability

Fight off anxiety

Find a job

For financial blessings

Inner Peace

For reconciliation with a loved one

Spiritual Growth

Forget a past love



Good results in a new business


* Money from a mate/partner

Get uncrossed

Guard against evil spirits

Improve concentration

Increase business

Keep a spouse/partner faithful

Lose weight

Overcome depression

*Prevent psychic attack

Prevent financial loss

*Protect children

Protect home

Protection while traveling

Reach a right decision in any matter

Receive money fast

*Remember your dreams

Reverse Evil

Sell a house

Sleep well

Stop a hex

Uncross yourself

Unhex yourself

Victory in court

Ward off jealousy

Win at gambling

Carly 💫
Maria Huffstead


Welcome Vibe Shifter! Through these challenges we will shift...
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