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My Story

Zokai has been an advocate for the ancestors for over 7 years. Growing up in the church gave her a spiritual edge but at the same time she knew there was more a real truth that was not being told. She then set out on a spiritual journey of her own for real truth and freedom.

Along the way she has become an initiated priestess in an ATR, Celebrity Reiki Master and Energy Healer, and medium. 

Advising, Coaching and being a spiritual mentor is a path she has embraced and come to love dearly. Connecting people with their ancestors is one thing Zokai is extremely passionate about. Helping others learn the basics of spirituality is her mission. 


As a mother of 2 and serial entreprenuer Zokai is a living example of what it means to be a Modern Day Priestess. Welcome to your tribe!


"My Spirit team & ancestors have never let me down...I wont let them down now"

My Mission

My mission is to help the modern day spiritualist manifest by aligning with your ancestors, connecting with your higher self, & learning the basics through coaching, courses, reiki & spiritual readings

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