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When Jesus Is Out of Office

“Jesus is on the mainline, tell Him whut cho wan oooh Jesus is on the mainline tellem what choowaaaaannnnnt , Jesus is on the mainline tell him what you want YOU just call Him up and tellhim whut you want” This used to be one of my favorites songs growing up in the church. I thought it was so cool that there was a main line to Jesus. Like I just call him and tell him what's up?! couldnt get any better in my little mind. Until the day I grew up, dialed the number several times and got his out of office message.

I was distraught and running out of time. I was ready to leave Chicago and relocate to Georgia but didn't haven't any luck with getting a place I really wanted. I had been venerating my ancestors for a while but when you're learning on your own and just getting started, there isn't much you really know how to do. I didn't know how to petition them for a home. I just knew to meditate and give offerings. Plus my indoctrination was to go to Jesus because he was on that main line after all. So after my last denial, I decided if I can call Jesus, I probably can call on my ancestors.

As I sat at my altar I told them firstly that Jesus must be on vacation because he has not answered my call yet, secondly I told them why we had to move and third I told them exactly what I wanted and how I needed this thing to go smoothly. I gave them details about the house I wanted without telling anyone. I'll tell yall I wanted an enclosed balcony off of my bedroom. I'm not sure what made me tell them that but as the story unfolds I believe my higher self knew some things I didn’t know at the time but was going to need.

The shorter version of this story goes like this: There was a house I had on my save list that I really didn't like the pics. It looked old and just not my taste, but I put it on my list because it had the space we needed in the neighborhood I wanted to be in. After going through all of these houses that other people beat me to, I see this same house on the list. Of course I was like oh hell now not that house. The process was smooth and I didnt even look at the house first I was just like gimmie that one I guess. My significant other and I went to do the walk through and I was blown away! It looked nothing like the pictures. It was gorgeous. Bigger & newer than what I thought and just amazing. So I went upstairs alone because like most women I'm just looking at all the cosmetics, but like most men he was checking the important stuff. I go look at all the other bedrooms first, I saved the master for last. Step inside the master and I see a door and I'm thinking yeah it had to be some weirdness …too good to be true. I open the door and guess what it was? It was my enclosed balcony off of the bedroom. I started to cry like a baby because they heard me, they answered me!!! I knew they did that for me.

At that moment I felt so loved and cared for. My ancestors answered my prayer and so much more. It was more than just a home, it was proof that my ancestors had my back even when Jesus was Out Of Office. I love to tell this story because it's a great example of why venerating our ancestors and building a relationship is so essential to our everyday lives. They understand more than anyone what it's like having this human experience. I'm not bashing Jesus or any other religion, I'm just taking a moment to illustrate how our ancestors' love still manifests across time, space and dimensions.

If you would like to learn how to build a relationship with your ancestors and other information to build a solid foundation, the mentorship program would be a great start. If you’d like to go it alone there’s the online version of this as well.

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